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Be the Noise is an space for artists and creatives to share their voices and their talent. Somewhere to discover art, passion, and writing that you may not have seen or heard elsewhere. We strive to amplify thoughts and ideas that deserve to be heard, and seek to assist in maintaining passion for all things creative. This is a freeform space where your perspective matters.

Kali Van Dusen

she/her, 22, LA and Boston

check out some of my work here!

I am a Los Angeles based filmmaker/photographer/artist but I've spent a good portion of the last four years on the East Coast going to college in Boston. I like to think I'm open to all areas of the filmmaking industry, but my true heart lies with camera work (any other female AC's?) and producing. I'm currently wrapping up my Senior year of college in West Hollywood and plan to begin working in development production and management. I love finding new perspectives, voices, and observations on life.

Be the Noise is a platform that amplifies our collective and individual thoughts, creations, opinions and questions. I've always craved a space that felt welcoming and open for such inner emotions and journeys - so we made our own!

Emily Pacini

she/her, 23, LA

I am a Los-Angeles-adjacent community college student and self-proclaimed artist. Typically I'm dabbling in a little bit of everything, but mostly writing and making ceramics. I am always learning and growing, and I think I will be discovering new outlets for the rest of my life (ever unsure of my path) It is both daunting and invigorating. 

I've always been a passionate person. I think there has never been a better time to build people up and attempt to inspire one another. Be the Noise is meaningful to me because so often our voices and visions are filtered out. I envisioned a site where we can seek out the screams, the shouts, and the whispers from our community, and I think we've accomplished it. 

I hope to boost, empower, and amplify, and I hope to have a good time doing it!

(photo by Kali Van Dusen) --->



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