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  • Sofia Alvarado

Todo Cambia, Everything Changes

My name is Sofia Alvarado and I am currently a student at UC Santa Cruz. After two years at Pasadena Community College (PCC), I was invited to start my own radio show. I knew I had a unique opportunity to use my creativity to open a space for PCC students to freely discuss some of the social justice issues we were learning in our courses. So, I started a weekly radio show and named it, Todo Cambia. “Todo Cambia” means everything changes. I felt that this meaning could be applied to the second chances that we junior college students have when we enroll. My friends Abigail Valdez, Karen Perez, and Nicole Hernandez are all members of the Todo Cambia collective.

This weekly show is part of a larger platform called Radio Jornalera, a project of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON). NDLON actively defends the rights of immigrants. This also provides an opportunity to connect junior college students to immigrant rights activism in Pasadena. In addition, we emphasize intersectionality inside and outside of our classroom, explore college resources, perform interviews, and discover music from diverse artists.

Todo Cambia has provided me with a creative outlet to express my appreciation for music, activism, and artwork which is emerging in the Pasadena community.

Todo Cambia has been an empowering space for my friends and I. We have all gotten the opportunity to develop our voices and our opinions on the show. As a young womxn of color, I have always felt consistently silenced by cis men in my community. Todo Cambia has been a beautiful opportunity for students with marginalized identities to fully express themselves unapologetically. To grow and change without judgement.

I have taken a short hiatus from working on the radio show to focus on my school work since I recently transferred to UC Santa Cruz. Although, I am looking forward to my future plans for the radio show. It has been pretty difficult running the show during the pandemic! Although, once I graduate from school I’d really love to create a stronger collective that participates in more community outreach. For now, the Todo Cambia Instagram will continue to serve as a platform for my friends and I to share mutual aid resources, music, and information regarding social justice work.


Sofia curated a playlist in collaboration with Be the Noise!

Find it here: Be the Noise + Todo Cambia

Save it! We will both continue to add songs!


Todo Cambia on Social Media:

Instagram: @cambiatodocambiaradio

Tumblr: Todo Cambia Radio

Radio Jornalera:

Visit (and follow) them using the links above, they have excellent resources and some great past shows to watch & listen to.


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