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things about la that remind me i'm home

The stretch of the 134 right past Eagle Rock at sunset

The way the palm trees line Doheny as I drive home

The way Overland slopes down toward Olympic

The trees with the low branches along Ocean Ave that I used to climb

The greyhound at Bar Flores

The paloma at Melrose Umbrella

A cold glass of white wine in a tall glass

The smell of Nag Champra in any room of any home

55 Monterey Lane. Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Driving up Mountain Trail from Orange Grove

The way the Reservoir shimmers under the 5pm sun

When Bird and I get coffee on Sundays

When Venice Blvd started to sprawl as you drive toward the ocean

The breeze that blew in through the window at Manning and how the morning sun felt warmer there

4617 Via Dolce being the best place for a nap

Passing the J in the white Mercedes

Tapas night and homemade margaritas

The way Washington Blvd looks at sunset

The lights that twinkle on Main Street and the trees that hang over the corner of Ashland and Main

Altadena Drive

When the ocean feels warmer than the air outside at dusk

Camping and all who know what that word means to me

When Emily and Annie are at the beach with me

When the sand feels cold and warm at the same time

Shivering in a hoodie on the beach on a fall evening

Outpost Drive

Vermont, near Skylight Books

Laurel Canyon, and the smell of strong coffee on a warm Sunday

Christmas Tree Lane

Will Rogers Beach at 5pm

A long dinner table with expensive wine

The Last Bookstore

When N Flores meets Oakwood

The warm lights of 615 N Flores and the smell of Bird’s soup

Annie in my bed after a long night

Mount Wilson

Fern Dell Trail

The Greek Theater

The card game Slam

Beverly Blvd with no traffic

Driving Sunset Blvd to the PCH

The stacked houses of Silverlake

The coastline view from the picnic table at El Capitan

Pasadena neighborhoods

The South Pasadena Farmers Market and a bag of cherries

An iced americano and the warm sun on my face at the same time

When the coastline turns inward as you drive toward San Francisco

When my mom’s family is in one room

Microwaved nachos

A cold margarita, no salt - on the rocks

The Santa Ana winds

When I can’t feel my face in the ocean air

Hollywood Blvd when you take a right down La Brea

The Annenberg Space for Photography

The Hammer


The Gold Line

The Laemmle in Pasaena

The phrase “let’s get dinner”

The way the Pacific Ocean feels like a familiar hug

How cold the ocean is

When you walk down the sidewalk and it smells like jasmine

A sycamore tree


Olive trees

The drive to Circle B Ranch

The Ventura coastline

The mustard plants along the Carpinteria hills

Laughing at a dinner in a home of someone I love

Toasting drinks on a warm patio

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club

The way the hills sprawl with green after it rains

Sunflowers and nectarines


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