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"For a long time I thought abstraction would be the direction I’d take with my work. It was a way for me to pour things out without having to be too vulnerable. It was for me and whoever it spoke to, but even they wouldn’t fully get to know what the piece meant. But recently I’ve realized I want to connect with people through my art..."

Things We're Loving:

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Karen Tong is a Los Angeles based ceramicist who makes everyday functional ceramics fun and unique. The pieces are colorful and playful and so utterly refreshing. I had the pleasure of purchasing a mug from Karen last summer at an art fair and I was absolutely making googly eyes at all the beautiful pieces. HEO ceramics sells made-to-order pieces on their site (linked above) that are dreamy and make such a statement. Following and supporting @heoceramics on instagram makes my days a little brighter, and I wanted to share that here! 

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